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Dr. Theo Fleisch  (left) and Dr. Ron Sills at DME4 Conference in Stockholm, September 2010
XTL Fundamentals Tutorial at Future Fuels for Australia Conference in Brisbane, July 2011
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About XTL & DME Institute
The XTL & DME Institute was founded in 2010 as an educational service about all aspects of the XTL and DME value chains. XTL includes conversion of natural gas, coal and biomass to fuels and chemicals (aka GTL, CTL and BTL).  Our field of expertise also includes shale oil & gas.  This service is provided by Dr. Theo Fleisch, Dr. Ron Sills and Dr. Iraj Isaac Rahmim.
Founding Directors, Theo Fleisch and Ron Sills, are honorary members of the International DME Association, with over 50 years of total experience in XTL R&D and commercialization activities.  Director, Iraj Isaac Rahmim is an internationally-recognized energy expert with  over 20 years experience.

Biographies can be found at the LinkedIn profiles:

Theo Fleisch
Ron Sills
Iraj Isaac Rahmim

Ron Sills - additional biographical information
An educational service provided by internationally-recognized experts with extensive industrial experience, with key XTL players BP, Amoco and Mobil.
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