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At the XTL & DME Institute, we are proud to have been selected for this recently-completed, seminal work by the World LPG Association in recognition of our unique experience and knowledge.
Renewable DME (rDME) Pathways in the LPG Industry - March 2022
Comprehensive white paper prepared for the World LPG Association.  Topics include rDME production pathways including Technical and Commercial Readiness levels, feedstock availability, markets, carbon intensities, economics and scenarios for projections to 2050.            75 pages. Not available publicly. Numerous LinkedIn postings. 

Key Message: rDME can significantly contribute to the defossilization of the LPG industry as both a blendstock and as a 100% LPG substitute. Multiple renewable feedstocks can be used to produce rDME using various existing production processes and technologies.

Background sections include:
o Fundamentals of DME and rDME
o Relevance of Methanol Industry
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January 2023 Podcast. "The Propane Buzz Discussing Renewable DME"  

Q&A with Ron Sills. Interviewed by Chris Cox, CEO/Partner at Flashpoint Energy Partners.  (A company, in North America, whose services include propane wholesale marketing, trading, market commentary and analyses.)