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Due Diligence Services
The XTL & DME Institute offers project and technology due diligence services based on our comprehensive knowledge and experience of XTL projects, technologies, markets and business ventures.  

Our core expertise includes the XTL value chains involving converting natural gas (GTL), biomass (BTL) or coal (CTL) to methanol, gasoline (such as produced via MTG), diesel (such as produced via Fischer-Tropsch route), dimethyl ether (DME), olefins (such as produced via MTO and MTP routes) and ammonia.
The Institute’s due diligence services provide independent assessments and reviews, as well as litigation support. These services can cover technical, market, commercial and organizational issues.

The Institute directors have extensive experiences, for example, providing (a) in-house due diligence for BP, Amoco and Mobil; (b) evaluating numerous “miniGTL” technologies for the World Bank’s Global Gas Flare Reduction Partnership; (c) due diligence and governance as a Board of Directors member and Technical Advisor for a biofuels startup company; (d) due diligence for many companies as independent consultants; and (e) litigation support such as deposition preparation, document reviews, trial testimony and training for legal professionals.

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