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About Webinars
XTL Webinars are intended to provide understanding and insights about the XTL industry; that is, the conversion of primary energy sources – natural gas, biomass and coal, to fuels and chemicals. Fuel and chemical products include gasoline, diesel, methanol, dimethyl ether (DME) etc. In general, the webinars include a basic overview of the what, why, who, where, when, and how of the entire XTL value chain from the primary resource, the different conversion technologies, and the products/markets.  

The webinars can also be tailored for customer needs and provide more in-depth insights.  

Deliverables would include a pdf file of the webinar slides, and delivery of the webinar, using software such as Skype or a webinar program that you prefer.  

List of Available Courses
Instructor: XTL & DME Institute Director

1. XTL Fundamentals Tutorial. 
Agenda includes: (a) Introduction and Key Messages, (b) Global Energy Context: The case for XTL; (c) XTL Options including Commercial Activities; Products and Technologies/Engineering; (d) Environmental Aspects; (e) Generic Economics; (f) Conclusions and (g) Q&A. 

2. DME (Dimethyl Ether) Fundamentals Tutorial. Agenda includes: (a) Background and Context; (b) About Methanol and DME, properties, production technologies, shipping and handling (c) Markets and Regional Developments; (d) Economics ; (e) Environmental Aspects, Standards and Regulations; (f) Conclusions and (g) Q&A. 

3. Shale Revolution in North America: Gas-to-Liquid Opportunities and Challenges. The agenda would be similar to Course 1 but specific to shale oil & gas in North America. 

4. Volkswagen Emissions Crisis    

Pricing depends on the length of the webinar;e.g. 2 to 4 hrs; the degree of customerization; the number of participants. Also, a course can be delivered in two or more webinars.

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